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What's SEO got to do with it?
*search engine optimization

Imagine how it feels to be Google famous...

You feel like a superstar because your dream audience finds you, even when they didn't know it's you they were searching for.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is how you improve your website's visibility to Google and other engines without paying $$$ for ads. It's how you get to be Google famous.

The better your SEO, the higher your brand can rank on search results pages. Page 1 is the Holy Grail because 75% of people never scroll past it.

The closer to Page 1 your site lands, the more clicks & conversions you'll win.

That's why I specialize in SEO content strategy that has driven 1,000s of visits to my clients' websites. I want to help your brand earn more eyeballs, more clicks, mo' money, more star power.

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Organic SEO is where it's at.

70-90% of searchers ignore paid ads in search results.

When you rank organically, consumers see you don't need to pay to play, which wins you respect and clicks.
The Buzz's recipe for SEO success
Targeted keywords
✵ Keyword-rich content
✵ Quality content people actually want to read
✵ Strategic headlines & subheads
✵ Meta tags (the stuff you don't see on the page)
✵ Links & PR
✵ Healthy website

Ready for buzz-worthy, keyword-rich SEO content that drives results?
Yeah, you are. 

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