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Seventeen years ago, there was a deep blue pool, an orange Tonka truck and a little boy floating face down in the shallow end.​ There was a mother, too, whose light green eyes opened wide in horror as she stood at the pool's edge and screamed to God to spare her baby...  Daily Breeze

Image by Nick Fewings

It was the early 1980s, and San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein was driving around the city when she happened upon something she had never seen before: Someone was eating out of a garbage can. Around that time, Jesse Smith Jr. stood dazed on the corner of Market and Seventh streets. He was flying on cocaine and speed...  San Francisco Chronicle

Human Jukebox homeless.jpg

Before he disappeared, he was the Automatic Human Jukebox, that famous Fisherman's Wharf street performer from the 1970s and '80s who once compared his popularity to that of the Golden Gate Bridge...  San Francisco Chronicle

paramedic attends to homeless alcoholic.jpg

Niels Tangherlini, a San Francisco paramedic captain, found Clarence staggering down Mission Street one recent Tuesday morning clutching a plastic shopping bag holding leaky food cartons and a can of Steel Reserve...  San Francisco Chronicle


A Chronicle investigation finds that San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Mabel Teng, elected after promising to bring ethics back to the office responsible for setting the city's property taxes, hired and promoted 16 campaign contributors...  San Francisco Chronicle

Image by Alexander Shatov

With 689 million active users, TikTok could pose one of the biggest opportunities for marketers — if they could just figure out how to leverage it. Today’s adopters advise brands still on the fence to embrace the unknown, the weird, the trendy, the dance challenges...  Nutrition Business Journal


How dishonest companies are compromising industry credibility with this shockingly simple trick!

Nutrition Business Journal


The skyrocketing popularity of Esports has opened multi-billion-dollar opportunities for startups that want to put functional drinks and supplements for performance in front of gamers who are now older and have more buying power...  Nutrition Business Journal


Vision, endurance and nootropics meet in front of the gaming monitor. It could add up to a win for the supplement industry...   Nutrition Business Journal


How do nutrition and supplement brands — increasingly reliant on influencers to promote their products to consumers glued to their mobile devices — avoid costly pitfalls and Insta-fakers?

Nutrition Business Journal 

wrenching politics of stillborn _edited.jpg

Cherie Golant has three photos of her daughter Julia at birth. She has a lock of Julia's newborn hair, thick and dark. She has Julia's handprints, footprints and hospital wristbands – but no official record of Julia's birth. The state issued only a death certificate...  San Francisco Chronicle

Bay View Hunters Point youth.png

The San Francisco neighborhood with the city's highest density of children has only one pediatrician in private practice. "On what planet does that make sense?" asked Nadine Burke, who has studied urban public health...  San Francisco Chronicle

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 9.59_edited.jpg

Bullied Online: Taunted Girl's Plight Illustrates Painful Phenomenon

When 14-year-old Olivia Gardner discovered the "Olivia Haters" Web page that her Novato middle school classmates had posted on MySpace, she was devastated. They called her "homo" and "bitch" and said someone should "kick her ass."..   San Francisco Chronicle

This article resulted in a nationwide letter writing campaign supporting Olivia.  


Park Day's gender-neutral metamorphosis happened over the past few years, as applications trickled in for kindergartners who didn't fit on either side of the gender line. Last year the school hired a consultant to help the staff accommodate these new students...  San Francisco Chronicle

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